Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Sunday in the Life...

Another Day in the Life…

9am up and Adam.

****That’s a little late for me, but I had a late night. Started out at a friends in Glendale, had dinner and a few drink, left there around 11 and decided to do a little impromptu bar hopping in Downtown Glendale, which is actually a lot more fun than it sounds, plus a made a nice new friend. Anyway, it was past 3 when I finally got back home. I’ve been going non-stop for a little over a month on Put A Ring on it with little to no socialization, and it was a much-needed release. 

9:10 – 1030

Whooped up a little biscuits and gravy (white trash!) and watched the pilot of Game of Thrones, I’ve been holding onto it for over a month. Good show, think I will continue watching.

1145 – 1pm.

Rewatched the Put a Ring on DVD yet again on my roommates TV. I want to get the cut as flawless as possible before sending of the edit files on Tuesday. I really actually enjoyed watching it. It was hard to keep stopping and making notes, but I roughed it through.

1pm – 3pm
Made most of the changes from my notes. Before bed I need to watch through one more time in final cut, just to make sure there are no uprez anomalies. I don’t think there are though. The post house in Louisiana should have an easy enough time with it.

3pm – 6pm
The most exciting part of the day. I’m working on a new Monsters in the Woods sales trailer with James Bills. I’m going to digress just a second to talk about this man. There have been two times in my postproduction career where I worked with other editors that just left my jaw on the floor, editor’s that left me feeling awestruck, humbled and even a bit intimidated. The 1st was Chris Hutson who I worked under briefly on a feature called Butcher House, the dude wasn’t the best writer or visual stylist in the world, but he was really good with actors and I’ll be damned if he didn’t edit like a demon (that is if a demon edited, and was very good at it). He blew me away, was miles ahead of me as an editor. Then there’s James Bills, hands down the best overall low budget filmmaker I’ve ever met. This guy can literally do it all (and do it all well). He writes, directs, does graphic design, web design, editing, camera-work and visual effects…I think he even cooks. The scary thing is he does it all on a professional level. I myself can do a bit of all that, but only writing, directing and editing with any kind of real professional proficiency. But James tears it all up. I was lucky to meet and befriend him in New Orleans, before Katrina and we’ve been helping each other out ever since.
Anyway, I knew he was good, but to sit and watch him just kill this new Monsters in the Woods trailer is a real treat. It’s the best trailer for anything I’ve ever been involved in. If the movie lives up to a fraction of this trailer potential, we got a Monster hit. Ha, ha, see what I did there? I said Monster hit and the name of the movie is Monsters in the Woods. Aint I clever? That’s why I make the not so big bucks.  Or would if I got paid on time.

7pm – 9pm

I was about to say implement more Put a Ring on It changes, but forgot I got big plans. Going to the Hollywood cemetery for a picnic and screening of Young Frankenstein. Been looking forward to this all week.

Guess that’ll be a day then.

*** Ok
Complete discloser, It’s actually only a little past 11am. I just finished Game of Thrones, the rest is complete conjecture at this point. It is the plan, but who know how things will shape up. Guess we’ll see.


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