Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Edit a Feature in 19 Days: Put a Ring on it – Day 1

Day 1 - Rest. (well kinda)

1. I organized all the files and backed them up onto a 2nd firewire drive. I am now backed up both internally on my system and externally on the drive.

2. Convert all HD files to dv . I will do my edit and initial color correction in DV. (It’s just easier) I'll reconnect the HD files at the end for export. This convert will take most of the day.

3. Tonight, I'll pull and sync trailer appropriate clips. (Tomorrow I'll work on the trailer.)

4. I should be completely done with syncing by three days. I'm giving myself an extra day to work on the trailer. (I guess making this how to edit a feature in 20 days).

I've contacted a friend on mine with a good HD cam. I'm going to hire him out this weekend to go out with me and shoot b-roll. We're going to get Ronny's car and catch a few driving exterior shots missed. In addition we'll get establishing shots of a church/and or Pastors house, restaurant ect... This camera guy also does a cooking show and has a bunch of kitchen and restaurant footage. I’ll see about getting some if it fits.

If I do end up needing actors, I'll make the arrangements.


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