Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Edit a Feature in 19 Days: Put a Ring on it – Day 4


So I’m finishing up syncing yesterday and I get a call from Alonzo, who played Bj, he asks me how the fight in scene 50 came out. Scene 50 is a ginormous, 8 page crucial scene between the 3 leads. I quickly tell him fine, exchange some pleasantries and hang up. Then it hits me; I have no clue how it came out. But wait, I’ve sync’d all the footage how can this be? Then it hits me; I have no recollection of ever viewing said footage. I quickly scan through the FCP file. Nothing. The scene isn’t there. Ugh oh. I search through my main hardrive. Nothing. Just the establishing shots at the head of the scene. Turns out the entire scene is just no there.

See we were shooting this feature on a Cannon 5d and had only 2 sd cards and one reader. Meaning every time a card got filled, someone (meaning me) had to stop everything, run up stairs and dump the cards.

We shot the scene in question on our busiest day and my best guess is that I either mixed up the card I was supposed to dump with the fresh one, or there an error occurred while dumping. In the mad dash to finish shooting a feature film in 5 days. I didn’t have time to double check the footage.

So here I sit, with a major sequence missing from the movie. I’m now rushing around, on my own dime, trying to put together re-shoots, the crew is all onboard as is all the cast, save one. One of the actors snagged a new gig that starts shooting the very day we are supposed to re-shoot. Ahh!!!!!!!!

I’m waiting to hear back from him now to see if we can workaround.

To be continued….


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