Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Edit a Feature in 19 Days: Put a Ring on it – Day 6

1. 7am. Wake up and finish encode and burning DVD for Monsters in the Woods with Time code. (I got a little hung up yesterday with the time code burn on Monsters, but it completed last night whilst I slept. I’m burning the discs now.
2. 8am Start final color correction and mix on Trailer for Should’ve Put A Ring on It.
3. 10am. Encode and upload compressed version for Producers to check out. Then lunch.
4. Start official edit. Want to finish an initial layout today by 5pm. Want to use this to review for the reshoots on Saturday.
5. 5pm-9pm Fine-tune 1s 10 minutes of the cut. Minus credits.

Have to admit, I know I'll finish, but I'm a bit stressed on the edit time frame. Sound Design, Color correction and HD uprez await.


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