Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Edit a Feature in 19 Days: Put a Ring on it – Day 9

Day 9

Damn, almost half way there. The rough cut is complete.

I tightened up the 1st 20 minutes this afternoon. I will make 30 minutes before the end of the day. Then I’ll work on the updated trailer a bit. My priority though is the movie itself.

I’m taking Friday off from editing to go over everything for the reshoots. Then Saturday we reshoot. I’ll take Sunday off for the most part. Probably will rename and back up all the Saturday files. Maybe even sync. But I’ll hold on the edit til Monday.

Monday will be day 10. I’ll tighten the 2nd 30 minutes and cut in the reshoots on Monday (Day 10) and the last 30 on Tuesday (Day 11). I’ll send Day’s 12 and 13 locking the fine cut.
14-16 working sound. My assistant will begin color correction at the same time.

I’ll finish color correction and sound on Days 17 and 18. Do one last pass on Day 19 and export.

Sounds like a plan. Let’s see what happens.


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