Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Edit a Feature in 19 Days: Put a Ring on it – Day 14

In the final stretch. Today is the moment of truth. I actually drop a dvd of the cut in the mail for the producers. I have to admit I’m a bit nervous. I’m confident in what I’ve accomplished, but I have to say I do care quite a bit about what they think.

The current cut is minus music, missing some sound fx and has almost no color correction. I usually don’t let anyone look at a project at this stage, but things are a bit different when you’re working for someone.
I spent most of the day tightening the cut, working on sound. Adding hard sound fx, playing around with a little music. 

Anyway, the cut is close to locked. After my side trip to the post office. I will continue on with sound post. Thanks to Ben Adams, the dialog is no problem. My 2nd feature in a row using Ben and my 2nd and only feature to not need adr.

Looks like good ole doc crow is going to be working on our score.


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