Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Edit a Feature in 19 Days: Put a Ring on it – Day 19

Last night I exported a dvd. Today I went through that dvd and made notes. I listed everything that might have been wrong…little mistakes I’ve missed. A visible mic pack. A dirty floor. Shots that linger just a bit too long. Dialog that’s set too low. Ect..ect…

I’ve made it 60 percent of the way through the list. Tonight I’ll finish it off and then that’s a wrap. I’ve edited my movie in 19 days….
Well, that’s not exactly it. See we still have to procure some music. That’s the producer’s job. So I’m kinda waiting on that. Once the music is secured, I have to mix it in and then export. So that will be another couple of days work.

Damn, I guess the whole “how to edit a movie in 19 days” is kinda debunked now. Aw man, I was looking forward to bragging, "Yeah, man I shot a movie in 5 days and then edited the whole thing in 19...and it's not a complete piece of sh%$. Oh well, guess I'll have to live with pretty fast.

 So, yeah, I’m pretty much done and could just sit and wait for the material, but that’s not me. I’ll probably continue to tinker with the edit, sound mix and color correction right up to delivery. There are still things that could be better and now I'll have the extra time to make them so.

Put a Ring on it might not have ended up getting edited in 19 days. But at least I know now (as long as all the elements are secured and available) you can edit, do sound design, mix and export a feature, on your own, on a desktop mac, in 19 days, while still working a part time day job.

Til next time…

Keep cutting.
 (movies that is. Not yourself. Cuz you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself. No matter how much better it makes you feel.)


The producers have found a post house in Louisana to finish out the color and sound post. So, looks like I'm completely done. 19 days! I'm copying over the files to a harddrive and putting it in the mail today.


  1. I remember seeing Apocalypse Now a couple of times in a theatre, but maybe a decade apart. Different ending. Frances is one of my heroes. And you have become the new kid hero. Attaboy!

  2. thanks richard.

    I saw the redux in the theater. The original on vhs.

    I do feel a little like Brando at the end...oh the humanity.

  3. I admire your attempt, there is no reason to mess about! Some of the best works are done quickly and instinctively and it makes financial sense too!