Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to make a Movie in 5 Days: Put a Ring on It-Day 2

Day 2 was our 1st day on location in Riverside. We were using a single house location to double for the 3 interior and exterior locations needed. The house belongs to one of the producer’s families, so there were no time constraints and the crew could stay on location for the duration of the shoot.

Call time was 3pm. I think we started on time or pretty close to it.

This was also the day Robin Givens was on set. A word on Robin Givens (lovely!). She was gracious, hard working and very open to direction. It was a total pleasure working with her. (She also had nice things to say about yours truly!)

Shot List Day 2
Scene 29
  1. Handy cam – Thea and Jamar enjoy picnic (single shot)
Scene 55
  1. Handy cam (various set ups) available light. Outside Balcony
  2. Craig conversation on couch inside Sherries. Handy cam.

29 and 55 were meant to be shot in the backyard of our location. However, the producers are very particular about messy sets and the backyard was overgrown with grass and weeds. So, we found a neighbor across the street that was willing to let us shoot in their backyard. So we did.

Scene 17
  1. Eliiana, Thea and Sherri talk. Handycam use mirror. One shot.

I had intended this to be a really cool shot. Eliana was supposed to be holding a handycam and shooting Thea. I wanted to catch Elliana’s reflection in a mirror, so that we could see both actresses in the shot. Unfortunately we mounted the mirror too high and in the time we had to shoot the scene, we had no time to reposition the mirror and reset. Oh well, it went from being really cool, to just cool. I can live with that.\

Scene 40
  1. Thea and Eliana in kitchen (handycam one shot. Sherri and pals in Bg)
Scene 1, 73, 74
  1. Scene 1Thea into handycam/
  2. Sceme 73 pans to Sherri and Eliana Handycam
  3. Scene 75 Outside, doors. Handycam

Scene 12, 13 (Sherri’s Coverage)

  1. Med master
  2. Profile cu
  3. Dead on cu
  4. Insert typing. Hand on grip ball. Foot tapping.

Scene 57

  1. Master up to thea and eliana sitting down.
  2. Closer 3 shot
  3. Single Sherri
  4. Single  Thea
  5. Single Eliana

WRAP MS. Givens

Unfortunately I forgot to eat. And after 12 plus hours on my feet I got violently ill and couldn’t really enjoy my last scene directing Robin. Oh well, she said she’d be happy to work with me again, so hopefully I’ll get another chance.

Scene 66 Bathroom
  1. master Eliana gets call from Thea. “Luke just left”
  2. Thea’s coverage in Car.

This scene was a point of contention and the source of my 1st and only major argument with the producers. It was written to take place in Elliana’s house. I felt we were already stretching our single location beyond its means and we had no time to set up another set. I suggested we changed it from Thea going to Elliana’s to Thea staying in her car and calling Elliana. It didn’t fly. We ended up not getting the scene or the dialog within at all.

Scenes 56. 25,26,28,30
  1. car interiors various

We may wrap here. Depending on how late it is. If we still have time we’ll move on to Thea alone interior car. See call sheet.

We shot a few of the car scenes, but not all. It was already closing on 3am and we were at our 12 hour crew limit.
All in all a 1st day at our main location. The crew was really starting to click.


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