Friday, May 6, 2011

How to make a Movie in 5 Days: Put a Ring on It-Day 3

It’s a day that will live in infamy. Our biggest day. We successfully shot 25 pages of material in one 12 hr span. There were no major hiccups. We started and stopped on time. It was overall the most successful day of shooting I’ve ever had.

Alonzo Jones stepped in last minute as BJ. The other actor had to drop out last minute.
Shot List Day 3

Scene 27

  1. Bj close up in 27 (elmer standin or cane)

Scene 45

  1. single BJ (sticks head in door at end of the scene)

Scene 49

  1. BJ and Thea coverage (no Elmer)

Scene 11.1 (up to Bj’s Entrance)

  1. Dolly into Master.
  2. Insert T shirts (if we have them. If not something else)
  3. Insert Thea hide ring in plastic box
  4. Insert thea’s reactions at end of section (
  5. (catch oner of Elmer on Next day)

Scene 11.2 (Bj. Arrives through walk to Elmer’s room)
  1. ots thea
  2. ots bj (punch on on thea at end of last take to get pursed lips)
  3. Hand held Thea pov of empty driveway past BJ.
  4. Two shot Bj and Thea audition conversation.

Scene 11.4

  1. Two shot Bj and Thea at Elmer’s doorway

Scene 31.1

  1. Static wide thea enters
  2. Handheld c/u thea panic
  3.  Handheld Thea rips down photos.

Scene 31.2

  1. Wdie scene through Thea’s line “What do you mean?”
  2. Insert Thea static by Cabinet.
  3. Insert C/u Thea “Deer in headlights/react to phone.”
  4. Insert Jamar Push answering machine button. Extreme close up and slow.

  1. Thea and Jamar cross to door profile
  2. Alter shot as door opens.
  3. C/u Pastor Fields

Scene 31.4

  1. 3 shot. Thea in Middle
  2. Single profile Jamar
  3. Single profile BJ
  4. Head on Thea

Scene 34

  1. awkward 3 shot Bj, Jamar, Thea
  2. OTS BJ
  3. OTS THEa (ots if time permits)

Scene 44
  1. Single Thea (compose herself)
  2. Master 3 shot scene.

Scene 50 (BIG SCENE!) 51.1 (through Jamar’s enterance)
1. single thea
2. single Bj
3. Alter shot (jamar’s pov at end of section through Cupid’s song)

Scene 50.2 (Jamar reaction and Cupid’s song)
  1. Single cupid
  2. Single Jamar

Scene 50.3 (fight through tthea sits down “Sit down. Please. I’ll explain everything.”

  1. Handheld Master (2 various)
  2. Insert cu thea “rock n hard palce”

Scene 50.4 (maybe come back to Thea and Jamar coverage later)

  1. Single Thea
  2. Single Jamar
  3. Single BJ slips out

Scene 51 (Thea storms out of house) Exterior

  1. Dolly on Thea? Static Master?
  2. 3 shot Bj, Thea, Cupid
Scene 52 (int. car. Thea, Bj, Cupid

  1. Single Bj
  2. Single Thea
  3. Single cupid
  4. Exterior car. Drop cupid off.

Scene 54

  1. Two shot. Car stopped.

Scene 62

  1. Thea walks up to Bj’s door. Bj meets her.
  2. 2 shot bj and thea
  3. Single bj
  4. Single thea


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