Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to make a Movie in 5 Days: Put a Ring on It-Day 4

This was probably our most worry free day. We had just come off our huge 25 page plus Friday and were feeling pretty much unstoppable. This day was considerably easier, only 17 pages. It was also my 1st time directing Miguel Nunez. I’d seen him in many movies. He’s usually cast as comedic relief. In this movie he was past as Pastor Fields, a heavy and dramatic part. Miguel handled it with aplomb. He really impressed me with his ability to convey so much emotion just through his eyes. Like Robin, he nailed everything within two takes. He was confident, but not arrogant, a true professional.

Shot list - Day 4

Scene 33

  1. Handycam – Jamar meets Elmer. Cover 2 x’s/

Well we only covered it once. The Dp was unhappy with the artificial look of the lighting. But upon reviewing it in post, I have to disagree. Its one of our better-lit scenes.

Scene  32

1, Master Shot of elmer and pastor

Scene 43

  1. Pastor and Elmer cont. one master shot
  2. Cu thea.

Scene 45

  1. single pastor
  2. single elmer
  3. master more serious

Scene 31 (middle of scene. Pastor Fields coverage)

  1. alter shot – pastor field in bg thea and jamar in fg
  2. cu pastor fields

Scene 46
  1. Pastor fields single through his exit
  2. Master thea and Jamar all the way to page 53 when Jamar exits
  3. Insert Jamar enters walks in stiops. Heads to door. Door gag.
  4. Insert of thea’s reaction
  5. Insert of Eliana’s reaction
  6. Insert shot of door. Jamar step on mat and off repeat 3 x’s.

Scene 46.2 (after Jamar’s exit)
  1. 2 shot thea and Elianna
  2. Insert cu thea check watch

Scene 59 (Pastor Field’s coverage. By his lonesome) on phone with Thea.
  1. med/wide scene
  2. cu on monologe.
Catch thea in car later.

Scene 61 (cont 59…different coverage same order)

Scene 2-9 2nd unit. No cast.

We didn’t make it into the 2nd unit shots. I decided to put them off til the next day. The DP and I would get up early to knock them out.


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