Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Make a Movie in 5 Days: Put a Ring on It-Day 5.5

Yeah, so it became how to shoot a movie in 5.5 days. Or how to shoot a movie in 5 days if the director/editor doesn’t forget to dump footage from an important sd card properly. But those just don’t sing the same.

Arrive 4pm.

  1. Shoot 3 establishing shots of house.
So this happened, only we arrived closer to 5pm. Got lost on the 60.

Tiara arrives at 5pm.
Int. house pu’s with Tiara

  1. Tv insert.

I ended up picking this up later in the day. But I did get 3 or 4 of them.

  1. Candles insert.

I chose to skip this. We were running out of time and had to prioritze.

  1. scene 37. Thea against bathroom door. CU compose herself. Then get freaked again. “Rose buds!”

Got this. Just has planned.

  1. Scene 41 – Thea on ahands and knees looking for ring. Phone rings. Sits on couch Awnsers text.

Ayup, smooth as butter.

  1. Scene 41 Text from Paulies. “Hi Thea. Paulie from Paulie’s Telegrams. Our man is running a bit late but he’ll be there.

Got this, but not quite has planned. Couldn’t get the tripod at the proper angle. Had to be creative.
  1. 41 Cu thea “oh great!” Door bell rings. Uh oh.”I knew that telegram was a bad idea.” Thea gets up to awnser door.
  2. Scene 47 “ Where is that ring” somewhere inside. Bathroom?

Skipped this. Don’t even know why I wanted it right now.

  1. Text Insert

These did not come out. I’m hoping to be able to something in post.
  1. Scene 38. Handheld cu of thea hearing jamar coming. She’s looking towards the door. Cu up door handle turning.

Oops. Got the thea cu. Didn’t get the door knob.

  1. Scene 42 Thea opens cake box. Cu on Thea’s reaction. Sad.

Got this. But don’t know that I need it now.

  1. Scene 47 Thea throws balloons and streamers in trash.

This is one, I had to lose for time. But wish I’d got this instead of the previous shot.

  1. Scene 31 cu Thea “What too much?” and  “Jamar?” shades behind her are open.
Got the too much, forgot the Jamar line.

DUSK! 2 things
  1. Restaurant shot. And thea in car crying. Jamar are you ok. I’m fine. Let’s just go.
  2. Thea in kitchen doing scene 12

Skipped one. But did get 2. In retrospect 1 just didn’t make any sense.

Jamar, Thea and BJ

  1. Scene 50

Oh man, did we ever get this. Worked out very well. I’m really happy with this footage.
Can’t wait to cut it together.

  1. Scene 51

This came out well. Looks really good. But we didn’t have the same kind of lens, and it wasn’t quite as phenomenal as the 1st time.

  1. Scene 62 with cupid. Please take me home. Text coverage 62. Hey Elianna. I’m  on my way. Thanks for letting me stay with you tonight.”

Not to pat myself on the back, but his was a little bit of genious. It worked great.

  1. Cupid on corner waving as she drives off.

Skipped this, didn’t have the proper available light.
  1. BJ various shots. Kitchen raiding fridge. Bathroom kicking back. Lurking at door shot.

This was an extra, we did get it, but I’m not sure how well it’s going to cut in.

  1. Jamar by himself packing after he finds out thea’s not coming home.

Same as the bj stuff, got it, not sure it will work. Guess I’ll see tomorrow.

  1. Jamar single coverage in 58. If couch permits.

Got this.

  1. Scene 58 text coverage. From Luke “Hey buddy, Elianna just told me Thea’s staying tonight on our couch. Just wanted you to know she was safe.”

Got it, but need to insert text digitally.

  1. Scene 31. Jamar and Thea 2 shot. Coverage with Pastor Fields.

Did not get this. It needed to be too wide a shot. We didn’t have the proper Production Design behind them.

  1. Scene 34/35 transition. Thea composes herself on stairs. Jamar OS “Where’s my briefcase?” Thea – “It’s in the upstairs closet. “ … “Closet!” she runs up the stairs.

Got it. It works well.

  1. Series. Thea runs up and down stairs.

Had to stay a little too tight. It will most likely work thoush.

Car Stuff night
  1. ext. car drive in neighborhood. 3 shots. Ext car drive busy street 3 shots.
  2. Jamar get in and out of car at drug store. Scene 26.
  3. Jamar coverage in scene 30 until he gets out of car.
  4. Scene 30 jamar look under car for earing.
  5. Restaurant extreme cu jamar pulls out wallet. Seated.

Got all of this except the wallet pull out.

All in all it was a very successful reshoot. I believe I now possess all the necessary bits to tell the story and to make it sing just a bit more on key.


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