Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Made a Really Cute Movie

I know that’s kind of a weird statement coming from the director of Rise of the Undead, Edges of Darkness, Monsters in the Woods and Trap, but there’s really no other way to describe it. Put a Ring on it is just really fu@#ing cute. Watching the last minutes of the rough cut this morning, I realized that I had been smiling throughout most of the running time.

There’s so much to be proud of here. I know I sometimes come off a bit negative in my editing posts, but that’s only because that’s my technician/critical side shining through. As an editor I agonize over every single detail. Sometimes all I see are the flaws. But then I have a genuine audience moment, like I did this morning and I remember all over again why it is I do this.

I've always been a bit apocalyptic in my writing/directing choices. Anyone accusing me of peppering themes of nihilism and/or dispair throughout my previous works would not be off base. But I have a warm fuzzy side too, and think this movie perfectly reflects that. (i do like me my rom coms..right kimmi?)
I look forward to this getting out to the world. There are far too few positive and positively cute movies out there aimed for this market. I really think it’s going to get a good response and do quite well.


  1. There exists a pattern for filmmakers. Start in the post apocalypse because that world is easy to describe, and move on to other themes. I would guess that this one is your big move, even if it seems just another micro. Congratulations.

  2. I have long said that it surprises me how all your movies are horror when you seem to thoroughly enjoy the romantic comedies! It is about damn time you made one! :)