Saturday, June 18, 2011

2 Full Days Off and Not a Thing To Do.

I’ve got the entire weekend off from my day job. Post is finished on Put a Ring on it. The green light has yet to be given on the production company’s three follow-up projects. I’m caught up (for the most part) with my prep on the three horror flicks we’re getting off the ground. I don’t have much to do this weekend. Most of my friends are going out of town or are otherwise occupied. My wallet is a little light. I don’t have much to do.

I suppose I should finish going over those horror scripts. There is some work to be done there. 2 of them need a little fleshing out. I could also do a bit of work on the acting reel I started last night for a good friend. I also need to work a bit on that new Monsters in the Woods trailer. Our meeting with Showtime is next week.

Yeah, ok. I guess I got some shit to do, but it doesn’t really feel like it. I know part of the melocholy I’m feeling is that post partum production depression that I get when ever a production wraps. You know, the whole “one minute you’re super busy and occupied, then the next your stuck with obsolutely nothing to do, or so it seems” thing.

Ok, let’s make a list of things to do today and stick to it.

  1. Work on Monsters in the Woods Trailer. I can do that, actually sounds kinda fun.
  2. Work a bit on that aforementioned reel. It’s really long right now, over 6 minutes. I need to cut that shit in half. She just has soooo much good material, mostly mine.
  3. Script work. I should pepper this in smaller doses between editing tasks.
  4. Clean my house. Never really got to my spring cleaning this year and my roommate is going somewhere for the day. Perfect day for some cleaning and music.
  5. Should go somewhere tonight, but this might prove difficult with the state of transportation and finances, or lack thereof.

Alight, let’s get motivated and tackle this stuff!


  1. Forget number four. The dirt feeds the creative process…unless you find some cookies or adult beverages that you stashed away.

  2. Ah, post filming depression. I think this needs to be medically acknowledged so those sufferers can apply to some kind of continuous film working scheme...

  3. it's so true. I get really bad depending on the project and how long I worked on it.