Thursday, June 2, 2011

Put A Ring On It Interviews: Alonzo Jones (BJ)

    I’ve worked with no one other person (cast or crew) more than Alonzo Jones. He’s had a major role in every feature I’ve ever directed, except for my 1st (we hadn’t met yet). I asked him below why he kept coming back, guess I should say why I keep asking him back. It's because he's a very talented actor, but an even better human being. He's just plain good to have around.'s the interview.

1. This was our 5th movie together (I think). Why the hell do you keep coming back to me?
Zo - . You're a pretty good director and I think we've built an okay repore. I also like the freedom to create the character.

2.  You played one of the three leads, but only shot for one full day. What was that like?
Zo - It was cool. It was a fast paced day and it was challenging. But I definitely liked not having to make that trek to the location everyday!

3. What was your approach to this character?
Zo - Well, I read my character (B.J.).. then I envisioned what I thought he would be like. Then I tried to convey that on camera.

4. If you had to be stuck on a desert island with one member of the cast/crew who would it be and why?
Zo - You Jason, no doubt!

5. You do soo much, acting, writing, music ect...Where do you see yourself ending up? Besides a shallow grave beside a small dirt road.
Zo - RICH as hell & in Alaska.

6. Did you think my hair looked better while shooting this or Edges of Darkness?
Zo - Wasn't paying attention. (wasn't it the same?)

7. So you've been beaten up on screen in both Trap and Put a Ring on it. Aren't you afraid of being type cast as a pussy?
Zo - Not at all! It's called ACTING, don't get it twisted!

8. Make up a question and answer it, I'm getting lazy.

Zo -  Q- 'Why didn't we shoot the patented Alonzo looking out the window shot?'
        A- Jason is lazy as hell.
9. Do you prefer working on the more family friendly stuff, like put a ring on it or the harder horror, thriller stuff.
Zo - Doesn't matter to me, as long as there's a camera with film in it...Just hope the pay starts getting better!!!!!!!


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