Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Put A Ring On It Interviews: Tiara Gathright (Thea)

It was my 1st time working with Tiara Gathright. She came onto the project less than a week before we were set to start shooting. Her character Thea appears in just about every scene and has a ton dialog. Of all the cast, she impressed me the most. She came in, knew her lines, did her job and performed admirable, especially given the circumstances. I see a bright future ahead for her.

1. Put a Ring on it was your first time carrying a lead role in a feature film, Did you feel much pressure?

I didn't have time to feel pressure because I had to learn 90 pages of dialogue in less than 5 days. I guess it worked in my favor. I typically work better under pressure anyways!

2. Shooting a full feature in 5 days is a gruelling task and you appeared in just about every scene. How did you make it through?

I was doing what I love so the grueling task was more like a fabulous high. The only thing that I didn't enjoy about the 5 days was I felt rushed. 

I also prayed my way through.

3. You played Thea, How did you approach playing her? What's your method?

I read the script so many times and got so emotionally attached to my character, that it all came so naturally and organically. I am all about living in the moment and that's how Thea came alive. 

4. What was your favorite experience on set? Least Favorite?

My favorite was working with Robin Givens. I always loved her work so working with her was an honor. Least favorite was not eating till I was about to pass out.

(I had that same experience on the 2nd day.)

5. This was our 1st experience working together. How would you describe our working relationship?

The first day was a little dry, but after that, I felt we became best buds. In other words, we worked well together. I am sure we will work together in the future ;) We are homies now. 

6. Do you like me better with the beard or without?

Without. I'm not a fan of beards. SHAVE!!
(it’s gone tonight)

7. If you had to survive on a desert Island with one member of the cast and/or crew who would it be and why?

Veronica, she and I are like sisters and we have a spiritual relationship!

8. Did you find difficult balancing the comedic and dramatic aspects of the movie?

Only when I felt overly rushed. 

9.  If there had been a tenth question how would have you answered?

I can't believe I made a  film in 5 days and was in almost every scene. It was a huge accomplishment and I showed myself that I can really do anything I put my mind too. 


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