Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tuesday in the Life...

Most days when I’m not in the midst of production are early days. I usually finish up my movie related business before 5 or 6pm and then try to enjoy my evening. Today was a little different.

4am – 11am Day job..

1130am – 2pm – Lounging poolside with my good friend Meaghan. Gossip and tanning.
3pm – 5pm – Watched Super 8 with John McGill. It’s like watching someone go to a Halloween party dressed in a 2nd rate Steven Spielberg Costume.

6 – 11pm – worked on new Monsters in the Woods trailer with James. The executive producer stopped by at 9 to check it out. He seemed happy.

It’s been a weird last 7 days. I’m awaiting word on the status of the 3 flicks I’m supposed to start shooting next month. My work on Put A Ring on it is (to the best of my knowledge) done. A potential opportunity to make a trio of horror flicks as presented itself, so I’m working to whoop those into shape. But, for all that, it’s kinda quiet right now. I’ve even been feeling some random anxiety (an issue I suffered from greatly in the past, but have been pretty free of for a while.) Not even sure where it’s coming from.

Oh well, its 330am and I got to go start my new day.


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