Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trap is Sprung!

So this post my look familiar. I posted a similar one about a year ago. I took Trap out of circulation while Monsters in the Woods finished up. My hope was that I could sell Trap on MITW's coat-tails. That plan didn't exactly work out.

So Trap is currently making the rounds in film fests. It's got into a few and has even won an award. However, it's two years old, shot on DV and has no (currently) bankable stars. Looks like the only avenue left open is self distribution. So I've made Trap available through Createspace. It can be purchased for only $10 bucks. That's the cheapest price they allow. It will also be available for download and rent on Amazon VOD within the next 60 days.

I'm proud of the movie. I feel it's my best overall work so far and hope that folk will take the opportunity to check it out.

So buy Trap or wait until it hits Amazon VOD in the next 60 days, or the eventual torrents (which I don't personally approve of, but what the hell.)


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