Thursday, September 1, 2011

Delivering Monsters in the Woods Day 3: Final Mix and Color

Looks like we’re going to start QC early next week. It takes about 24 hrs to spit out the uncompressed QuickTime’s that I need, plus I want to give myself an additional 24 just in case of any errors. Therefore, I’ll need to finish up my final checks on the movie by Saturday night. I’ve already quadruple checked both video and audio, but I want to go over everything one last time.

Today, I’m checking my final sound mix. Early this morning I finished checking my M&E (music and effects) sans dialog, just to make sure everything was fully formed. Now I’m going to go over the entire mix, dialog and music together to make sure everything jives together. I’ll fix any off levels and add any last minute sound FX or Foley I may have missed. Once all is good there, I’ll adjust my overall mix by -5db’s. Some of the louder jumps and music cues are dangerously close to peaking. This will insure that nothing is peaking, while keeping my over all mix relatively uniform.

Time permitting, I’ll then add a slate at the beginning of the movie, combine my reels and add text less titles and trailer for export.
Friday and Saturday morning, I’ll double check my color correction one last time, looking for any areas that are broadcast unsafe or that are mismatched. I’ll render Saturday night and start my export Sunday morning.

Once exported to Pro Rez 422 HQ, I’ll double check the file, stick it on on a hard drive for QC and deliver. Once the NTSC file has passed QC, I’ll export a PAL version for QC as well.  Then we’re off to make dupes. One NTSC DIGIBETA, one PAL DIGIBETA and a D5-HD tape. That along with the original QuickTime file will make up the main movie delivery items.


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