Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Developing Monsters in the Woods: 1st Outline

I was still searching out my storyline and characters at this stage. I typically do more character research before jumping into any kind of outline, however this time I was having some difficulties deciding who’s story I wanted to tell and how I would tell it, so I tried out one possibility in this outline. I had yet to decide to do the 1st act as found footage and was still pursuing the “mad scientist” mythos as opposed to the biblical one I ended up going with. Also, there were only 2 monsters at this point. One was going to be a sexy-naked reptile chick. Also, I think they were going to be intelligent and capable of speech.


  1. Open with tent scene.
  2. Transition to and intro Jason, Betty James, Guy, Bravo (movie crew)
  3. Kill James. End teaser.
  4. Intro rest of crew at camp. Set up Annemarie/Ashton rivalry. Only person they hate more than each other is Betty (naked actress). Neil/Bob  = major egos. Jayson cracks up. One girl leaves and is killed.
  5. Crew sets up to shoot the major massacre scene. All goes wrong (movie-wise)
  6. Bravo sent back to car for something and is killed.
  7. Betty and Guy get closer.
  8. Betty is killed while filming massacre scene. Ashton takes Betty’s place as survivor girl.
  9. Jayson gets ready to shoot. Actors in place.  Action. Montage of shoot. Monster watches from the tree line.
  10. Lab scene with captured James.
  11. End act 1 with Massacre which happens while filming the movie massacre


  1. All dead but Jayson, Guy and Annemarie- saved by Dutch. (I have no idea who Dutch is. I think one of the hunters.)
  2. Cave/lab – James regaining movement,
  3. Heart to heat between Jayson and Guy. Artist to wannabe artist.
  4. Dutch hunt monster? With James?
  5. Back to Jayson and Guy,.
  6. Guy and Annemarie get it on. Guy is wounded by reptile chick/monster. Dutch is killed. Jayson is killed.
  7. Survivors move on.
  8. Other monster finds reptile chick. Not happy.

Act 3

SURVIVORS make final stand.

Ok. Yeah, this was a lot different. But the basic structure from the final movie is visible. Its kind of fun for me to look back at some of the narrative roads not taken.


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