Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Developing Monsters in the Woods: The 1st Scene

This is the 1st thing I ever wrote for Monsters in the Woods. I’m pretty sure this was before doing any character sketches or outlines. I knew I was going to start out in the fake movie and transition into reality. This scene was just the 1st thing that popped into my mind. A total cliché low budget horror sex/kill scene. I’ve kept the prose exactly how I originally jotted it down. You’ll notice it’s rough and choppy. This is pure id. No intellectual tampering. 

Int. Tent – Day

Two teens have sex, missionary in tent.


The boy complies. Girl SCREAMS out.
Boy slows, swivels hips.

Oh, oh yeah.

You like that?

Oh yeah. I can really feel it. My boyfriend has only one speed. Fast. It’s ok when you just want to get off, but-

The boy reaches around.

Oh James, you really open me up. Play with me.

She gasps in ecstasy.

Flip me over.

James flips her over, they continue. The girl is about to climax.
James is ripped out of the tent. Girl looks out the open flap. Burst of blood hits her in the face. Screams.
Boy screams as he’s torn limb from limb.
Silence. The girl braces for an attack. Nothing.
She creeps out of the tent.
James’ body.
Run. Chase. Trip. Girl impaled by branch.
Monster sighs and leaves, sad it didn’t get to kill her.

 The sex scene through the chase is pretty standard with a few unusual touches. But,  yt's how the girl actually dies that got me excited (creatively, not in any kind of sexual way) about the project. She trips while running from the creature and is impaled by a branch. Then the creature heaves a huge disappointed sigh and leaves. Even though it was always intended to be the fake movie within a movie, it was the same way I intended to subvert expectations throughout.


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