Thursday, October 27, 2011

Concept Art and One-Sheet for Feud

The 1st screenplay I'm reworking is Feud. It’s supernatural thriller about a group of angels and demons that join forces to save the world.   It’s a fun reworking of the creation story where Lilith, who was actually the 1st woman before eve, was expelled from the garden and became the 1st demon. I heard this story from a friend and wondered what might happen if this demon returned to earth, present day, to seek revenge on mankind. Yeah, I know, it sounds like a total dork-fantasy movie, but it actually has some cool, unique characters and action. Plus I think I’ve got a unique understated/gritty approach to the epic (i.e. arch) material that will be both refreshing and exciting.

Anywho… Here’s a few pieces of early concept art, drawn by Robert Bravo.
Zeke battling a transformed Liltih.
Zeke battle Lilith 2

Lilith takes a victim

I hadn't actually looked at the one-sheet in awhile. I like it.


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