Friday, October 7, 2011

Developing Monsters in the Woods: 2nd Outline

Just before starting work on my 1st draft I do one last outline utilizing all the work done before. It is usually here that I solidify my final structure. I interspersed character notes and some specific scene work into the outline.

Burt = co-dependent

Pages 1- 15 set up
Pages 1-3 movie within a movie. (Page 3 ask central question) Who if any will make it out alive? Finish the movie? Is it worth it?

Page 3-9 intro crew/Burt killed.
9-15 intro rest of crew/monster? Glimpse?

15-37 complete 1st act leading up to massacre.

2nd act
37- 43 intro Thomas and Ariel / commerce v. art.
43-50 cave stuff/personal/Thomas death.
50 -57 woods explore, find camp.
59 = burt finds hellhole
57 – 65 lead up to massacre/acts come together.

65-68 Bravo expo

70- 90 3rd act survivors come together. Go after bravo.

Strengthen 2nd act turning point. Act 3 more urgency.
Themes = lies, deceit/bleak/different types of monsters = people and creatures, what is worse./redos, 2nd chances, live in the moment.


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