Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Exciting Thursday in the Life of a Low-Budget Moviemaker

Kind of a slow day, no production stuff, no looming deadlines. I have a few screeners to make, review and mail. Although I’ll most likely mail them tomorrow. Got two days off ya heard.

7am – wake-up to a half hour of yoga (yeah, I do yoga. What!?)
730 – shower then breakfast. (Oatmeal and coffee)
8am – spend a half-hour checking email, fb, and twitter (general internet stuff.)
830 – make a few DVD screeners of Trap and Monsters in the Woods. Gotta mail a few out over the next two days.
9am – review Trap screener. (I used to just quickly scan through screeners to make sure the beginning, middle and end plays. I learned the hard-way that errors show up on DVD’s’ more often than you’d think. I now review every screener I send out beginning to end. Sucks, but you have to do it. Someday I’ll have an assistant for shit like this.)
Catch up on Sons of Anarchy, while having some free-weight fun.
1100 – review Monsters in the Woods screener.
Noon – interrupt screener review for lunch/meeting with producer. Seeing about getting some new projects up and running.
130 – pick up screener review of Monsters in the Woods.
2pm – 3 hrs of script review. Trying to finish up Feud this week.
5pm – review email, twitter, fb, ect
530 pm get ready to go out for dinner and drinks with a pal.

*** I realize these days in the life posts are lame. I do them when I feel like I should write something, but have nothing to say.