Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Exciting Friday in the Life

Today is  a pretty exciting day for my inner movie watcher. I've been under the weather since Sunday. What I thought to be food poisoning is still around. I'm know thinking stomach flu. I checked webmD, turns out I have cancer.

7am – up and check my internets.
730 – find that my directors’ cuts of Mimac and The Frightners have arrived.
(loved the Mimic cut. It's a true director's cut.  Definitely a big improvement over the original. ***Listening to Del Toro's commentaries always makes me feel like an amateur. The Frighteners was more of an extended cut. The theatrical version is the superior one. But it was kinda neat to see a few extra bits to a beloved movie.)
8am – breakfast at The Broken Egg, accompanied by my copy of Fight Club (the book).
9am – head off to watch Mission Impossible 4 in IMAX at the Citywalk.
(liked it very much. Better than the last 2 for sure.)
1pm – get home. Tear right into my Mimac blu-ray.
6pm - head to my day job til 1am.


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