Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monsters in the Woods Interviews: Robert Bravo (Producer)

I met Robert Bravo five years ago working together at a drive thru Starbucks in Culver City. I was just completing Edges of Darkness and he was looking to get into the movie business. In addition to being one of the most genuine and nice people I've ever met, he is also one of the hardest working. Although he had little tproducing experience, he was eager to learn and had many good ideas. We worked together developing different screenplays over the next year. He helped not only with story and character, but also in designing creatures, set pieces and working out storyboards for potential projects. Eventually he put together Trap (everything from raising the budget to crewing up), which remains one of my all-time favorite production experiences. (the movie's ok too)

1. Tell me who you are and what you're doing here.
I’m Robert Bravo and I was one of the producers on this epic Masterpiece.

2. What does a producer do?

3. What was your favorite part of production?  
 I would have to say all of pre-production that’s when I’m the most confident with my craft. 

4. Did you get a chance to see my abs in the hot tub at the cabin? If so, just how impressive are they?
   You where there? 

5. What was your least favorite part of production? 
 Well I would have to say principle production. Everything I’d done up till that point was on a much smaller scale, so there was a constant feeling of being overwhelmed. It was a learning experience. Looking back I don’t think I was ready to take it on. But even with all the blood sweat and tears, it was still among the happiest times of my life. 

6. What was your role in pre-production? What did you do? 
 I was there from the beginning; I gave some input during the script writing stage, did some design work on the monsters, got permits together and other cool stuff.You know me... jack-of-all-trades 

7. How would you compare working on Monsters in the Woods with past productions?
 Well this is a whole new world, I think while other projects have been easier for me,this was more rewarding.

8. What do you think of the way Bane speaks in The Dark Knight Rises? Do you understand him? Does it matter?
 I think Tom Hardy is an amazing actor and I’m pumped to see what he does with it. Oh and I like the voice, well more then the batman’s at least, so there’s that.

9. Do you think my fixation with John Stamos is "gay?"
 That depends; do you think mine with Hugh Laurie is?

10. What's next for you? 
I’m all over the place these days; I’ve been producing a T.V. pilot.You have a number of scripts I would love to produce, but I think the project im working hardest on is going back and re-tackling  “Trap” that was my first real project and I want to go back to it, and give it the treatment (ie budget)  it deserves.


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