Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tales From Netflix Instant: Red Hill

I've been watching a lot of Netflix Instant the last few months. Thought I'd offer up my thoughts on some of the lesser known titles.

Red Hill = Pussy Town 

Patrick Hughes’ feature day debut Red Hill starring the super-shredded dude from True Blood is pretty much butt. It starts out kinda promising, looking a bit like a under-budgeted, illegitimate aussie brother to No Country for Old Men but it soon shows it’s stripes as it devolves into a 2nd rate, poorly plotted thriller.

 A pussfied young police officer moves to the small town of Red Hill with his pregnant wife to start a family. See the wife had a previous miss-carriage due to stress. I guess they reckoned moving to the country would be better for this unborn.  OOPS!

The police learn that a scar-faced almost supernatural killing marching, previously arrested by the sheriff for killing his wife, has escaped from prison. Knowing that Michael Myers will return to town to seek revenge, the sheriff orders his officers and a group of ruffians to arm themselves and shoot Jason Voorhees on sight.

This is where the movie totally lost me.
Once Norman Bates gets to Red Hill, the sheriff and his pals change from rough and tumble men from the outback into teenage slasher movie victims. They seem to forget they are heavily armed and outnumber Freddy Krueger and quickly resort to hiding and crawling around on the floor until Leslie Vernon finds and kills them Behind the Mask style. Of course the newbie sheriff discovers that Mlie Cyrus is innocent and the sheriff and his men framed him or some such shit.
On the plus side, the movie looks good and is solidly acted. There is a nice scene towards the end where the young officer returns home to get his gun (he had lost it in the move, this being his 1st day and all.) Anywho, he comes home all battered and bruised, but doesn’t want to alarm his wife for fear of her miscarrying their child. So he calmly tells her he just wanted to see her before returning to work to finish some last minute business. He grabs the gun and leaves her none the wiser. This scene had more tension and suspense than the entire 2nd act. I will say this for Red Hill though; I didn’t turn it off.