Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tales From Netflix Instant: Skins (British)***couldn't be bothered with the American Version

“Everyone’s always pissing on me!”

5 things I learned whilst watching Skins.

  1. Skins is a half-hour British drama following a group of teenage kids through 2 years of school. Every 2 years the show swaps out casts as the characters graduate and move on. I admire the gumption of the producers to get rid of a popular cast and complete replace it every 2 years. (Otherwise the show would’ve ended up like 90210.) Overall, I really like the show. Although I admit it may be a little weird for a guy my age to be so immersed in the lives of these teenagers. I think the 1st season was the strongest. However,  the 2nd generation of characters was a stronger and more interesting ensemble.
  2. Bad guys are more fun. The most interesting characters from the 1st 2 generations where Tony and Cooke. Tony was by far the most fun character from the 1st season, and the most disappointing in the 2nd. I would have rather seen his character continue on the path he was on in the 1st season and deal with consequences of actions on his own terms, rather than the cheap character reset that happened after he was hit by a car in the season 1 finale. Cooke was most complex character from the 2nd generation and continued on so throughout his run on the series. I think he’s my favorite overall from the entire run of the show so far.
  3. British kids like Oasis, cussing and Techno. The entire soundtrack was filled with rock sounds that sound like they were written by Oasis (probably were) and techno.
  4. The blonde-chick from the 1st generation that looks and acts like the crazy blonde-girl from Harry Potter is hot.
  5. Lesbian couples are boring. (at least on T.V.)


  1. # 6 Freddie had it coming. Best jump the shark moment I've seen in awhile is when Freddie is beat to death with a bat by Effy's shrink.