Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And Another Thing About Self-Promoting Your Micro-Budget Movie…


When distributor’s pick up micro-budget movies they’re not usually going to do much to promote them. Most actually pick up micros in bulk and package them together. They spend little to no energy to promote individual pieces. Example: Monsters in the Woods was released on VOD in the US and Canada over 2 weeks ago. The distributor didn’t even let us know. We got the list of VOD markets from them 2 weeks after the movie was out, and only then after pestering them repeatedly for it.  The only thing more frustrating than not having any help promoting your movie, is to not even know when or how to do it yourself. The smaller distributors may even have PR firms working with them. However, in most cases these firms’ resources are allocated to promoting the distributor as a whole. I’ve found from experience on 2 different flicks that these guys don’t give a fuck about the individual movies or moviemakers. Even slightly bigger distributors like Anchor Bay or Lions Gate do very little for their micro releases, aside from doing up some artwork and putting the movies into the market. So if you get your micro-budget picked up it is most likely going to be 99% up to you to get the word out.

Now I’m not shitting on the distributors here. They have little incentive to really push these “little” pictures. Unless lightening strikes, these movies have a rather low ceiling in terms of their market potential. The chances of them making their promotional money back are slim for most of the stuff they pick up. It’s just a fact many low-budget moviemakers are unaware of. And to be fair, my last distributor actually did send screeners of movie to several press outlets for review (albeit as a part of a package of several of their other movies.)

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