Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Exciting Tuesday in the Life

With Monsters in the Woods release happening, that’s pretty much been my life for the last few weeks. The last few days I’ve changed gears and have been working on the development of Chophouse. It’s an older script that there may be some movement on finance front for. So, I’m whooping it into shape.

5am up and adam. Finish up an email interview in support of Monsters in the Woods.
630 am – 1pm – gotta earn that paper to pay them bills
130 pm – lunch and a quick trip to the gym
230 pm – start work on Chophouse rewrite (well, it’s not so much a re-write as a touch up. This script is much better than I remembered. It’s a vicious, non-stop thriller ride about the important of family. Darwinism at it’s most brutal.)
5pm – burn out a couple of MITW screeners for reviewers. Got a few to mail out tomorrow.
530 pm – shower and groom for a wild evening.
6pm – continue work on Chophouse till my ride gets here at 7pm.


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