Saturday, February 25, 2012

…and Yet Another Exciting Saturday in the Life

One movie out and another two in the pipes. Things are looking good. I did a phone interview with Dread Central yesterday for their Indie-Horror Month. Look for that around the 7th of March.

630am – Up and Adam. Slept in a bit so that I wouldn’t be to tired and lame at my little shindig. I’m having a few close friends over to celebrate the release of Monsters in the Woods.

630 – 9am – don’t get up, don’t get coffee, don’t do shit but go over my latest script fresh. I find I do some of my best work in that magic hour when I first wake before my anaylitcal mind kicks in and inhibits creativity. I’ll go back over this work later, once that anyalitical brain has kicked in. Got a little bogged down in the my 3rd act…need to go back over it.

9am – 10am – coffee, breakfast and internet corrispondence/social networking.

11am – late morning fun time. (pre-prep ingredients for gumbo) and organize house for the festivities.

11am – Noon – upload latest MITW internet clip_Blaine’s interview. It’s pretty freaking funny. While I’m waiting on that upload, I’ll do a little more work on that script. (gonna be sending it out to some name actors on Monday)

Noon – 5pm – cook Gumbo, Rice, Sour Cream and Chive mash potatoes and get the house in order for the celebration.

5pm - ? Drink, eat and watch the movie a couple of times as new folk arrive and old folk leave.

That’s how I plan to do it today.


  1. my place is kinda small so I just invited folk who had not had a chance to see the flick yet. Just in case some cast is wondering why they weren't invite.