Friday, February 3, 2012

New Reviews of Monsters in the Woods

Aint it Cool News
I know it's not that big a deal but this one has me excited. I've been reading this site for over 10 years. I visit at least once a day. It's really neat to see my movie mentioned. Then add in that it's a positive review and I'm ecstatic.

28 Days Later Analysis
Michael Allen has been reviewing my flicks since Edges of Darkness. He always gives an honest well read opinion. It's the 1st site I usually send screeners to.

Beyond Hollywood
called MITW "one of the strongest straight-to-video efforts in recent memory."

Cool Awesome Movies
This guys HATED Edges of Darkness. He checked out Monsters in the Woods and found it more to his liking. Not a glowing review, but one of my favorites. I also did a really in depth interview with him. It's my favorite interview so far.

The Independent Critic
The guy reviews everything from Studio Tentpoles to obscure micros... So it's cool to see him give out some praise for this little monsters movie.

Video Views
One of the only reviews the distributor landed us. And I'm glad they did.

The Movies Made Me
Cool site. Good review. Still would like to see what Chad thinks.

says MITW can be summed up in two words "cave vagina." Enough said!

Igor's Lab
An infectiously fun review.

More Horror
My all time favorite review. This dude just gets it! And he wrote a really fun and well-written review about it. Did a cool interview with him too.

I quite liked this guy's take on the movie.

Jo Blo
Reads like a pretty positive review. The guy even said he liked the movie, but scored it 1.5 outta 5. Weird.

Horror Cult Films UK
He likes us. He really likes us. Great review. Did a fairly lengthy interview for this site as well.

Dread Central (Doctor Gash)
So this guy hated the movie, gave it a one out of five something-or-others. But, he stated his opinions intelligently and backed them up with specific examples. He just wasn't having it. You can't fault him for that. It's a good (albeit really negative) review and I appreciate him investing the time to write it (which is why I'm sharing it here).
****another writer over at Dread Central also as the movie. Hopefully she'll dig it more.

Yeah, so all in all, we're off to a good start and the dvd release hasn't even got here.


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