Friday, March 2, 2012

Check Scam Beware!

So this is not really movie related... well kinda, since it was attempted on me and I make movies.

Anyway, so here it is.
I received a check in the mail for 3,950 dollars. It looks legit. A letter accompanies the check saying that I've won some sweepstakes. I'm to call the number to activate the check. The guy on the phone says to deposit the check and call back.

I called the bank that the check was drafted on to see if it was indeed legit. They knew all the info and said it was in fact a scam. After you deposit a check it can take weeks for it to actually bounce. In the meantime the scammers will try and get you to wire money to cover some processing fees.

If you get a similar letter and or check, report it and then rip them up. The company mentioned on the check was
MPR SUPPLY COMPANY, turns out MPR is totally legit and they've been bombarded with calls over the last month due to this scam. They have nothing do to with it. They are just another victim.

Anyway, here's Jason Brown's # 905.781.7233
If you get a chance give him a call and hassle him... it'll be fun.

Turns out this is a pretty common scam. So the names and business may change, but the grift stays the same. Look out!


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