Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Voted 7 on My Own Movie...Does that Make Me a Bad Guy?

We'll get back to that in a sec...

Two funny things happened on Wednesday (the day after Monsters in the Woods was released on DVD).

1. It popped up on over 200 torrent sites.
2. Several hours later it started to get a ton on hate on the IMDB message Board. Most of the bile seemed to be centered around that fact that the movie was rated 7.5 by users prior to it's release.

I checked out a few of the THEFT links and think I figured it out. Pirate sites give a quick synopsis of the movie, maybe the poster and the IMDB rating. So most of these folks see the 7.5 and go about stealing the movie without so much as checking out a trailer. Then are mad if they don't like it.

Then they complain that the cast and crew must of bumped these ratings.
To this I fucking shit Sherlock! The movie has been listed on IMDB for about a year (prior to it's release). The only people that could have possibly seen it are cast, crew, distributors and a few critical reviewers. Some of these folk worked on the movie for over a year. And you're telling me it's not cool for them to cast a vote on their flick? Sure, I'm the first to admit the movie doesn't deserve a Casablanca 10 and I have tried to dissuade cast, crew and friends from that kind of hyperbolic voting.  I voted a 7 by the by. ***unusually high and low scores outside of the median are not taken into account in the final # anyway. As time goes on and more fair and unbiased votes (somewhere between 2-6 would be my guess) are given, all the 1's and 10's will not even be taken into account.

In this day and age, do you think there are many (or any even) new indie flicks on IMDB that don't get votes cast from cast and or crew? If you answered no, then you are truly naive and deserve to have your illegal downloading time wasted.

As anyone actually every purchased a 16 dollar movie based on the IMDB rating? If so, wow! That's not too bright. Especially since it's pretty easy to find more info about flicks.
There's plenty of trailers, actual critic reviews  and video clips from the Monsters in the Woods. Most of which can be linked to right from IMDB. Check out the movie here and join in the discourse.

So am I in fact a jerk or douche for casting a vote on my flick?


  1. Well said, Jayson. I felt the same way knowing that people pirating the movie (including the UK) were giving it a bad rap on IMDB. As you said, that will change. 80% of the reviews from horror fans/critics have been positive and I tend to side with their feelings vs those who feel the need to steal their entertainment any way they can. What did the bank robber say when he took a drink of Dom Perignon, "Who can drink this bubbly piss when tap water is free?"

  2. Seems kind of weird to rate your own movie, but you make a point of telling everyone to give an honest rating. Because of that, it doesn't bother me.

  3. I rated it on a whim while adding some final cast and crew to the listing. I didn't think anyone really cared about or paid any attention to the ratings.
    I don't think it's big deal.

  4. But now that I've seen how bent out of shape people can get about it, I will think twice before doing it again.