Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Shoot a Promo-Trailer for Nothing

Well, really next to nothing.

First off, I don’t believe in not paying crew/cast. I may from time to time ask a friend to help out (by friend, I mean an actual friend, not just an aquaintance you may have worked with). When shooting something like this when I don’t have money for crew, I don’t use a crew. I shoot, light, ect…all by my lonesome. I have a good friend who owns a nice camera and that I do editing favors for all the time. He allows me to use the camera in return and when he’s free, he’ll help me shoot as well.
Our producer is also a FX make-up technician, so he handles all the blood and zombie needs. I have a couple of good friends who happen to be excellent actors, so that helps.

Today, we’re picking up some of the more complicated fx gags. I shot the stuff with the actual actors a few days earlier. Today we’re shooting some of the more gruesome blood gags. In one the shots we did the other day, two zombies tore into an actresses back. The shots looks super-cool, but we need some more explicit gore so we’re going back today with a fake back and torso to tear more guts, gore and bone from the victim.

We’re also going to spend a little more time on the individual zombie’s make-up for some close-ups and headshots on them. By headshots I mean, bullets and exploding brains. I’m also doubling as a Zombie today. Then in full zombie attire, I do an interview or two for our eventual Kickstater campaign. I’m trying to take our budget from a meager 20k (which we have) to 80k. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Under-the-Weather Thursday in the Life of a Low Budget Moviemaker

4am – alarm goes off! I’ve been starting my days early, regardless of outside work. I find that I work creatively really well in the wee-hours of the morning. I’ve written 90% of my last two screenplays between the hours of 4 and 9 Am. NOT SO FAST today. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, so I went back to sleep.

7am – official start of the day. I spent about half an hour checking up on email, FB and twitter. I’ve been getting more social network active the last few weeks in preparation for the upcoming Eat kickstarter campaign.

7:30 am – catching up on my blogs. In addition to this one, I also have an official Eat blog; I’ve been neglecting the past week. I’m going to set a new goal of 5 new posts a week.

9:30 am – finally emerge from bedroom to face the world. Well, my kitchen anyway. You need guts to win and the guts need fuel. Today’s menu includes biscuits, sausage gravy and coffee. (Thrill next week has I recount my breakfast again!) During breakfast, watch a little Breaking Bad. I’m currently re-watching the 1st season between new-episode Sundays. Walt’s journey is one the most fascinating character studies ever. Love it.

10:30am - back to work. Pull some still frames from the footage I’ve shot for the promo trailer so far. I’m planning to reach out to a few media outlets about Eat after this weekend. I have to keep in mind that horror sites like exclusive photos.

11:00am – my camera op for the weekend shoot just picked up a high paying gig and had to cancel on me. He was kind enough, however, to lend me his camera. I need to spend some time getting to know it. So we’re going to have a little lunch date and shoot in the (hopefully) sunny afternoon light.

2pm - lunch - at Momma Hong’s with an old friend. I’ve been waiting to try this place.

3pm – trailer prep. I’ve shot listed and storyboarded all the FX shots for Saturday. But I’ve still not really picked many good verbal exchanges or lines for the trailer. I know the script is chalk of trailer worthy lines. I just have to go pick a few out and make them work in the context of the trailer.

4pm – Have lunch/dinner. Another Breaking Bad episode. hopefully I’m feeling better. Need to decide if I’m going as planned to tonight’s Shakespeare in the park. My ride arrives at 6.

5pm. – clean out my desktop. I have over 100 gigs of files I’ve been holding onto for a client. The projects have been delivered and one month as passed. The projects are hitting the streets this week so no further changes will be needed. Delete.

6pm – 9pm – Shakespeare in the Park? I’d hate to cancel

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eat? What's up with that?

I set up a website/blogfacebook page and twitter page for Eat. Yeah, Eat. Not Eat: A zombie Movie as I sometimes dub it for clarity. What is it? As the faux title suggests, it's a zombie movie and my next feature project as a writer and director.

Production for Eat is set for October 2012.

One thing I'm doing different with this flick is in regards to funding. There is a budget in place, however I'm seeking to up it substantially in order to bring my full vision to life.  In September, I'm planning to run a kickstarter campaign in order to raise an additional $50,000. With the budget increase I can transform this small personal piece into something a little more bloody and fun.

That's the plan anyway. So follow along and see if I can make this sh#! happen.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

What I've Been up to this Summer so Far.

I’ve been busy editing a few projects for new company. Over the last two months I edited three features (well really just re-edited two of them.) For the same company, I also wrote a script and developed it through pre-production with the intent of directing. Well, we had some irreconcilable differences in regards to the casting and look of the movie, so I walked off as director and they bought the script and continued on. They just wrapped on it. It’s kind of crazy. I wrote the script in less than a week and three weeks after they were shooting. But, no hard feelings, I still continue to edit for them. I just most likely won’t write or direct anything else for them.

However, prepping to direct said movie really got me in directing mode and I’m anxious to get back behind the camera as soon as possible. Which brings me to my latest project, EAT. Yes, EAT. It’s a zombie movie. I know, I know another zombie movie. There’s tons of cats out there making zombie movies, I know. But I feel like I got something new and good to offer. So I’m finishing up the script this week. My intention is to shoot it in October this year.

I just launched the website.

There’ll be much more on this project in coming weeks.