Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eat? What's up with that?

I set up a website/blogfacebook page and twitter page for Eat. Yeah, Eat. Not Eat: A zombie Movie as I sometimes dub it for clarity. What is it? As the faux title suggests, it's a zombie movie and my next feature project as a writer and director.

Production for Eat is set for October 2012.

One thing I'm doing different with this flick is in regards to funding. There is a budget in place, however I'm seeking to up it substantially in order to bring my full vision to life.  In September, I'm planning to run a kickstarter campaign in order to raise an additional $50,000. With the budget increase I can transform this small personal piece into something a little more bloody and fun.

That's the plan anyway. So follow along and see if I can make this sh#! happen.


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