Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Shoot a Promo-Trailer for Nothing

Well, really next to nothing.

First off, I don’t believe in not paying crew/cast. I may from time to time ask a friend to help out (by friend, I mean an actual friend, not just an aquaintance you may have worked with). When shooting something like this when I don’t have money for crew, I don’t use a crew. I shoot, light, ect…all by my lonesome. I have a good friend who owns a nice camera and that I do editing favors for all the time. He allows me to use the camera in return and when he’s free, he’ll help me shoot as well.
Our producer is also a FX make-up technician, so he handles all the blood and zombie needs. I have a couple of good friends who happen to be excellent actors, so that helps.

Today, we’re picking up some of the more complicated fx gags. I shot the stuff with the actual actors a few days earlier. Today we’re shooting some of the more gruesome blood gags. In one the shots we did the other day, two zombies tore into an actresses back. The shots looks super-cool, but we need some more explicit gore so we’re going back today with a fake back and torso to tear more guts, gore and bone from the victim.

We’re also going to spend a little more time on the individual zombie’s make-up for some close-ups and headshots on them. By headshots I mean, bullets and exploding brains. I’m also doubling as a Zombie today. Then in full zombie attire, I do an interview or two for our eventual Kickstater campaign. I’m trying to take our budget from a meager 20k (which we have) to 80k. 


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