Sunday, July 8, 2012

What I've Been up to this Summer so Far.

I’ve been busy editing a few projects for new company. Over the last two months I edited three features (well really just re-edited two of them.) For the same company, I also wrote a script and developed it through pre-production with the intent of directing. Well, we had some irreconcilable differences in regards to the casting and look of the movie, so I walked off as director and they bought the script and continued on. They just wrapped on it. It’s kind of crazy. I wrote the script in less than a week and three weeks after they were shooting. But, no hard feelings, I still continue to edit for them. I just most likely won’t write or direct anything else for them.

However, prepping to direct said movie really got me in directing mode and I’m anxious to get back behind the camera as soon as possible. Which brings me to my latest project, EAT. Yes, EAT. It’s a zombie movie. I know, I know another zombie movie. There’s tons of cats out there making zombie movies, I know. But I feel like I got something new and good to offer. So I’m finishing up the script this week. My intention is to shoot it in October this year.

I just launched the website.

There’ll be much more on this project in coming weeks.


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