Monday, August 6, 2012

Things to Do While Waiting for Worth to Transcode

So I have to transcode a whole feature’s worth of footage from R3D to Pro-Rez . I do not possess a red rocket card, so this is going to take a while. At the current rate it will finish up sometime Friday.

In the meantime, I’ve got a few other things to occupy my time.

  1. Writing a new script. Last week a producer made me an offer to write and direct not one, but two features I figure tomorrow morning, I’ll start on the 1st. I should be able to bang out the 1st draft by Friday.
  2. Work on developing Eat. I can’t really work with any of the promo footage we’ve shot so far, but I can continue to develop our social network connections through FB, Twitter, Blogs and cast participation.
  3. Blog, blog blog. I’ve fallen behind keeping up this and the Eat blog.
  4. Watch The Dark Knight Rises. Yeah, I still haven’t seen it.


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