Sunday, September 16, 2012

Director on Director: KICKSTARTER EDITION


Tomorrow we kick off our Kickstarter for Eat. See what I did there?
While waiting for documentary to finish encoding, I had a minute to sit down and ask myself a few questions about Eat and it’s Kickstarter Campaign.

Me: So, What is Eat?

Myself: Eat is the story of a dysfunctional family trying to survive a zombie ap—

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sell that shit to the tourists, dude. I’ve read the synopsis. WHAT”S IT ABOUT? What kind of movie is it? Tell me something I haven't read already.

Myself: Oh, well simply put, it’s a zombie movie. More specifically, it’s the kind of zombie movie Romero was making in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s about a family that is broken by the zombie apocalypse and their struggle to put the pieces back together.  Even more specifically than that, it’s the story of Maxie McCarthy (our heroine) and her character’s journey from a mousey, insecure young girl to a independent, kicking ass, woman.  I’m not reinventing the genre or the concept of zombies, although I am adding a few of my own flourishes. I’m just telling trying to tell a good story.

Me: Ok, that sounds cool.  Where did this idea come from?

Myself: The idea came organically from the themes I was trying to explore.

Me: A less artsy-fartsy answer please.

Myself: I was hired and wrote a series of faith-based Christian features for a producer. Which is odd, because of my past work and the fact that I’m neither religious nor more specifically Christian. But I took the gig and wrote the very best Christianly scripts I could. During the process, I really began to warm to the themes that are inherent in the genre, like hope, forgiveness, redemption and family. Even when writing a darker, more nihilistic piece like EAT, I think it’s important to have these themes underlining it.  But don’t get me wrong. Eat is not an ABC family version of the Walking Dead. It’s a hardcore, splatter-zombie flick.

Me: Good, I was getting worried. Why go with Kickstarter?

Myself: First off, I'm an all or nothing kinda guy. I like that about Kickstarter. I decided to pursue crowd-source-funding because of the negative experiences I've had with some financiers in the past. One the cooler aspects about doing a movie this independently and with Kickstarter funding is that I can do WHATEVER I want, without having to worry about financier or producer interference or ratings. I plan to take full advantage of this and push things beyond their boarders. There are a few kills in this movie that will raise a few eyebrows, will be controversial.

Me: ooo, ooo! Example!?

Myself: Gotta save something for the release. You know, spoilers and all.

Me: Well, that’s all we got time for right now. I have to get back to editing this thing and prepping this Kickstarter.

Myself: Good talking to me. Nice hair.


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