Monday, September 17, 2012

Kickstarter Diary – Day 1

Dear Kickstarter Diary,

Today is the 1st of our 32-day campaign. I had originally planned to do a 30 day campaign, but chose 32 to give us a 2 day “soft launch,” in order to get the url active and work out any bugs.

12am- LAUNCH!
12:01 – start composing personal messages for my close friends regarding the support of the kickstarter. I went through my email and social networking contacts and came up with 800 people that I actually know. There’s plenty of other “friends” but I’ve chosen to leave them alone for now.  I plan to send individual messages to each of my 800 contacts over the 1st three weeks of the kickstarter. That’s 800 folk divide by 21 (we’ll say twenty for easy math sakes) days.  So roughly 40 people a day need to be contacted. I did 34 before 2am. In addition to monitoring all the social media and laying in the music for the documentary I’m editing. (hey, a guy’s still gotta eat.)
2am – nap. Hadn’t gotten any sleep in 24 hrs.

4am – Start composing emails for press. They are notoriously shy when it comes to promoting Kickstarter projects, but I’ve built many solid relationships over the years with online journalists and expect a decent response. Plus I have some good material to share; a kick-ass teaser trailer and a ton of new art, photos and one-sheets.
 I’ll up my email writing with social networking, trying to get some last minute non-eat related tweets and FB posts in. I think its super important when using social media to promote anything to break up your self-promoting posts with regular posts, retweets and support of others. For every one of your promotion posts, you should be making at least 3 regular ones.

5am – another quick nap. Yeah, I’m sounding lazy now.
7am – wake up to discover we’ve raise $300 bucks between the hrs of 1am and 7 am with minimal notice. Is that good?  Then I compose a quick update to the supporters so far, giving them my email. I want to stay in touch with everyone, if they want to.

8am – edit some more behind the scenes material to intersperse throughout the campaign.

830 am – Eat. No really, have breakfast. 50 minute time out to munch and watch an episode of Parenthood. WHAT!?

930am check on the campaign. Reply to messages, donators and social network stuff.

1030am – receive and fill out an email interview for a crowd source-funding site

1130 am – bath
1145 am – more social networking.

12pm – start encoding documentary I’m working on. Still gotta eat.
Hit a lull in donations. We were going strong in the morning. Nothing for the past few hours. Trying hard to resist the urge to twitter and Fb blast.

2pm – Meet up with the Producer to go over our Kickstarter campaign one last time and to collect some graphic art material he’s been working on.

3pm – Go over some other kickstarter campaigns both successes and failures.
4pm – make new changes to the documentary. Got some last minute credit changes. Then re-encode the movie.
7pm – catch up on twitter, facebook and the kickstarter.
8pm – draft an update to our current donators.
830 – dinner.
9pm – author final documentary dvd.
930 – start dvd upload. Make final tweets and fb posts.

Turn in. Cuz 4am comes early.


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