Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kickstarter Diary - Day 2

Dear Kickstarter Diary,

Today was the 2nd day of our Kickstarter. I’ve heard many other Kickstarter users talk about the rollercoaster of emotion you go through during a campaign. There are on days and off days. The on days feel great, the off days, well not so much. The day started out really slow, donation-wise and I was really down. Then it picked way up at the end, and.... well you can see where I'm going with that.

5am – Up to check stats. Nothing. No new donations and pretty much crickets on FB and Twitter. I was a little taken aback considering the deluge of press we got yesterday. We had write ups on at least four major horror sites. I expected at least an increase in traffic.
I worked till about 630 drafting and sending emails and then buckled down for some day job work.

7am – 230 day job.
I’m also finishing up two feature film editing projects. I’m uploading one while I encode and build the DVD for the 2nd.

3pm – Back at it. I just had a cool interview posted. I
We picked up some new donators. Things are starting to look up.
4pm – Looking over our Kickstarter strategy, trying to figure out some new ways to bring in some backers. At the moment I’m perplexed. We have a great pitch video. A good trailer. A fairly solid social network. I expected our opening days to be bigger.
5pm – Eat dinner and try to relax for half an hour.
530pm – Got some last minute notes on Worth. Gotta make a few changes.
630pm – back to composing emails. Can’t remember if I mentioned it but my goal is 40 a day.
9pm -  Send out a few facebook messages to some old friends.
930pm – bed.
4am comes early.

What struck me most about today is how supportive strangers and old friends have been. People I haven’t spoken to in nearly 20 years have donated 100’s of dollars and shared the hell out of the page. Yet, we have a nearly zero balance from anyone who I actually hang out with now. This whole experience really has me questioning some of the personal choices I’ve made over the past few years.

Anywoo, I’m beat. Good night Kickstarter Diary.


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