Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kickstarter Diary - Day 3

Dear Kickstarter Diary,

Today I got up at 430am and composed about a dozen emails. Then I went through all the Eat interweb stuff.
This is my usual routine when doing so.
  1. Check Email. Respond to any new ones.
  2. Check Twitter. Respond to any new tweets or mentions. Follow back new followers.
  3. Check FB. 1st my personal page. Respond to any posts, messages ect. I also take a few minutes to check out my news feed. Share and like some other people’s stuff.  Then I head on over to the Eat page and do the same.
  4. Head over to google. Run a search for a few different iterations of Eat, using the last 24-hour search. Then post any relevant new links that may have popped up on either Twitter or FB. I try to stagger this post. With so many popping up, I’ve actually created a word doc with a complete list that I can pull from.
  5. Head over to the kickstarter. Respond to any new comments or messages. Gotta stay interactive with the donators.  While there I’ll also go through some other active projects to see how their campaigns are going. I try and donate to others as much as I can.
  6. Start composing private emails. Again, I’m going for 40 plus a day. Each of the individual and personal.

My day job sliced out 8 hrs of my day from 6 to 230. I got home at 3, went through my interweb routine quickly and had lunch with some friend. All the while my iphone in hand, responding to emails, tweets, fb messages ect.

Got home at 5. Spent a few hours doing more general Kickstarter research. There’s tons of material out there about prepping your campaign. But it’s harder to find info about what to do once launched. I’m always looking for new ideas.

Did some editing on our BTS stuff til about 9 and went to bed.  I’ve been operating on little to no sleep the last few days. Tomorrow is going to be a major day for me. I’m going to try some new stuff campaign-wise to see what happens.


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