Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kickstarter Diary - Day 5

Dear Kickstarter Diary,

Today was good day. I’m feeling a little emotional this evening. The support that I’m receiving from perfect strangers, folk I know only through social media and friends from up to 20 years ago has me a little choked up…. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!

I also had sort of an epiphany. I had been stressing a bit over numbers and while I was responding to a tweet it just hit me. This is fun! Sure it’s work. But it’s fun work. I’m out there interacting with people, getting feedback on my work, learning about other people’s projects and supporting them. It’s fun. A kickstarter Campaign is fun, if you let be.
Then something really funny happened... the numbers started to climb.

Ok, here’s my day.

6am – up and adam. Slept a little late today. The lack of sleep over three days caught up with me.  I start with my morning interweb routine.
8am – breakfast. I cooked me a hearty serving of Biscuits and Gravy. I then took my sweet time eating it.
9am – started helping a friend edit his 1st short film. He directed it. It’s actually pretty good. Some great looking shots and solid performances. Sound is a little shaky though.
3pm – finish up with him. And jump back into campaigning.
5pm – Break for dinner and a little Parenthood. I’m almost done with Season 3.
6pm – back to the campaign trail. Oh, I forgot, today I paid to promote a specific post on our facebook. I chose a 10-dollar a day limit, just to see what would happen. We gained over 50 new followers today.
9pm – clean up my computer desktop. My organization has gotten a little sloppy. I need to get everything in order.
10pm – bed. 


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