Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Shoot a Feature in One Day

****I’m not recommending it or bragging. But certain circumstances aligned that made it necessary to do, so here’s how I’m doing it.

  1. Have a script that takes place in one Location. Play-esque.
  2. Shoot in as few rooms as possible. We’re using four rooms and the exterior.
  3. Get a few cameras. We’re using three.
  4. Hire a good cast and make sure they’re prepared (fingers crossed)
  5. Set up the three cameras and shoot the scenes without stops. Scripty is following along. If an actor drops a line, she calls it out. They move back a few lines and resume.
  6. Change the angles and shoot the scenes again. If there are no major snafus and the cast is prepped, you should be able to make it 3 times through each scene. Giving you 9 pieces of editable coverage per scene.
  7. While changing rooms, leave one camera op behind with cast to snap inserts.

And if you think this is crazy, wait til you hear how long I have to edit the thing….


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