Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Independent Movie Agenda for Monday

So I've been in an editing cocoon over the past few week. ***editing cocoon, good phrase. I've stepped outside my house…not very often. This morning it hit me that I now own a high-powered laptop and can take this show on the road. So I'm packing up and moving it to the coffee shop tomorrow.

6am - pack up and head down to my old coffee shop stomping ground.
630 am - get settled in with my morning coffee and oatmeal. Spend about 20 mins going through emails and whatnot.
7am - start editing the last huge scene from the movie I'm delivering on Wednesday. It's a 12 minute scene shot with three cameras. 
8am - take a break from the scene and go over a friends script while taking notes. I'll alternate the scene with the script for the next four hours before taking a break.
12pm - pack up and head to lunch.
1pm - get back home. Head to the gym. Since I was sick, I've not really been. Time to get back on my cardio. 
2pm - back up stairs. Finalize the scene. check with my other editor as to his progress. We're supposed to combine our work into a finished product Tuesday morning. Giving me 24 hours to color and fix any sound issues. ***there are hardly any sound issues on this one.
4pm - break. Watch some Netflix.
6pm - work on another feature, editing. 
8pm - break. 
9pm - go over the script for my next directing project.

I'm Jason Horton and I approve this message.


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