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Deceitful marks my first collaboration with Jenn Pinto. She came onto the project last minute, literally 24 hours before shooting started. But you'd never guess from her performance. She was completely prepared and delivered everything the character needed and more. As talented as she is lovely, here's Jenn.

Jenn on the set of Deceitful

1. You’ve been acting a long time, done a lot of projects. How did Deceitful meet or defy your expectations?
Deceitful met my expectations and more. Being in the business for a long time I've dealt with the best and worst in productions. Working on Deceitful was beyond refreshing because the production was so professional and knew what they wanted. Furthermore, having to shoot intimate scenes is not the easiest thing for an actor, however when you work with a professional production it helps the process run smoother. 

2. A 5-day production schedule on a feature is truncated to say the least. How did you prepare? 
I prepared for this feature by dedicating my time to knowing who the character I'm playing is. Who is Gabrielle and why does she make the decisions she makes, what makes Gabrielle, Gabrielle. Once I understood who she was memorizing the lines was the easy part because I knew her. Just like I know myself, so I knew what Gabrielle would say. 

3. This was our first time working together, how would you characterize our working relationship?
It was a pleasure working with you. There's nothing better than working with a director who's compassionate to actors. I appreciate you making me feel comfortable on set and allowing me to explore the character.  

4. In a fight to the death who would win, Sia or Adele? 
ADELE!!!!  Because I don't know who Sia is…LOL that was bad huh? No but I do love me some Adele. 

5. Outside of the obvious (the romance stuff) what was the toughest thing to play in Deceitful?
The toughest thing was the challenge of playing someone the opposite of me. I am strong on the respect to a man/women and affairs are the most coward actions in a human being, especially when money is involved. The true essence of marriage has been tainted so much there's no respect for it anymore. So Gabrielle is everything in a woman I'd hate to be. 

6. Outside of acting you're a writer and producer. How does this inform your approach to acting?  
 I think writing and producing has been the most rewarding experience for me as an actor. As a writer you have to explore your character, you have to know the ins and outs of your character, what makes them tick, what makes them happy, what do they want etc. Once you know this, the writing becomes easier. The story is told better. So once I explored that lane so deep with my writing, when I read a script or sides I read it with a new set of eyes. I had an even greater appreciation for the experience. A writer took the time to create this story and as an actor I want to make sure I bring their vision to life. 

7. If there was an eighth question, what would you want it to be and how would you answer?
 Yes!! Who's is your favorite Actor: Johnny Depp!! :)

Who is Jenn Pinto? NYC Bilingual Latina with an electrifying personality, global mentality with a smooth R&B Hip Hop attitude. This rising star is up at sunrise and in high gear perfecting her craft. Jenn Pinto was born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn and has been a hard working actress all of her life. At a young age she got her first acting job starring as an Angel in the Broadway Show "A Christmas Carol" at The Paramount in Madison Square Garden. By age 13 Jenn landed a featured guest spot on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect". It’s an understatement to say that she leaves no stone un-turned. In 2003 she got her first role in the Independent feature film "Take No Prisoners" produced by executive producer of Def Poetry Jam, Deborah Pointer which won Best Urban Feature Award in 2004. In 2006 Jenn wowed audiences in the Film festival circuit with her physically demanding role as Rosie in the short film “Blade to Bone” in which she played a self inflicting cutter. In 2008 she beat out thousands of hopefuls when she became chosen as the top 12 to compete to be the next Telenovela star on VH1’s reality competition “Viva Hollywood. Her runner up finish allowed her to build a fan base that follows this Jenn Pinto movement till this day. Expanding her career and becoming a writer Jenn Pinto opened up her own film company Ay Mama Films and is currently in pre-production to her second short film. In 2009 she partnered with Tatiana Bascope and opened up 2 Skrewz Loose Productionz to write and produce TV shows and Feature Films independently. In 2011 she made the big leap leaving her family and moving to LA. Upon her move she was cast as a recurring character on the web-series Queen Hussy directed by award winning director Pete Chatmon as well as a lead role in the indie horror feature Into the Woods that premiered at the FOX Studios Lot in February 2012. Catch Jenn Pinto this year in the comedic webseries on the New Nations Network; Atomic Elbow Channel. The Jenn Pinto trajectory has sprung from Broadway to Television and is now on her way to making a mark on the big screen role after role. Are you ready for the Jenn Pinto Movement?

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