Friday, April 19, 2013

A Friday in the Life of an Editor

4am – Up and check export and renders from the previous night. Find out the export was put out incorrectly. Start it over. Try to go back to sleep.

 6am – Back up to check that export. All is well this time around. Go to work editing the feature doc that is due Monday.

10 am – Welcome assistant editor #1. Get him set up in the living room. (yeah, this editor works from his home. Today he’s going to sweeten and fill out a partially done M&E track. 12 projects all needing complete foreign deliverables were dropped on my doorstep only a week ago and are due today. Go back to work on the doc.

11 am – Welcome assistant editor #2. Set him up on the 2nd computer in my office. Today he’s working on trailers for three of said movies for delivery. I received the final movie files, but trailers were never cut. So I move onto my laptop and start backing up some of the newly arrived files.

230pm – Have assistant editor #1 wrap up his sweetening and start exporting and transferring files to the delivery harddrive. 3pm – Do final check on the 8 movies we’re delivering today. All files there? All files intact? I hope so.

330pm – Start assistant editor #1 working on fresh M&E tracks for the 3 new movies we just received today. Send assistant editor #2 to the post office to mail off a HD master of a just sold movie. (**the very one I was exporting last night.)

4pm – Lunch!

5pm – Give assistant editor #1 an external drive so he can take the work home and finish up tomorrow, freeing up my 2nd computer so I can get back to work on the doc.

8pm – send assistant editor #2 home and wrap up my day by backing up everything. I’ve got multiple harddrives connected to all three computers all working through the night.



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