Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Wednesday Agenda

Many, many things to do this week, I’m attempting to list everything out just to keep it straight in my head. Often times when things start piling up, I almost shut down, spending more time deciding what to tackle then actually working on the problems.

  1. Upload trailer files to distributor. (They’re server went down late last night and I had to restart the upload this morning. This time, I’m sending one at a time. They take aprox. 3 hours a piece.) I’m halfway through this task.
  2. I’ve got 10 features in catalog that I need to do PAL exports/transcodes for. Each one takes about 24 hours to complete.  The next few things will be in service of that.
  3. Free up some space on my laptop. 700Gigs of 1TB are being used now. I’ve got to transfer some files to an external and free up some space.
  4. Free up space on my tower. Need to keep it functionary for continued editing while my laptop is busy PALing.  Have a new documentary project coming in tomorrow.
  5. Reconnect media and start SOX PAL export.
  6. Finish Syncing Pastor Shirley.
  7. Finish script polish on a few scripts for a slate of flicks I’m putting together.
  8. Schedule Voice over session.
  9. Breathe and eat.
  10. Sleep.


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