Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Friday in the Life

The company I direct/edit/write for just go a big foreign buy from South America. So, I’m converting 10 of our past projects to PAL as well as preparing M&E and Music Cue sheets for all 10. But why didn’t you do this in the first place, you may ask. Well, short answer is I should’ve. But there were time pressures in getting out the US versions and many titles never go foreign.

All this week I’ve had all my computer systems running over time. One computer exporting pals, the other doing the M&E and Cue sheets. Oh, not to mention the DOC and feature edits I’m still working on. It’s been a little busy.

6:30AM – Get up and check on my work. One computer is rending out an old project. I no longer have the QuickTime export for it, so I have to create a new one from the original footage and edit file. The color correction filters on it are pretty intensive and I don’t usually keep render files when I store a project (this is something I’m changing as of now). It still has four hours to render. So I check my second computer, it’s converting H264 files from another old project. It has 3 hours left. So I get on my laptop, check emails ECT.
7 AM – goto eat breakfast. I’m going to say a quick work about the shitty, shitty service at the Broken Egg in downtown Burbank… The past four times I’ve went (yeah, I keep going, cuz it’s right next to my house) the service as been atrocious. I waited over 20 minutes for my check last time and never got the water I ordered or a coffee refill. Today I walk in and wait for 5 mins. No greeting. No server or host in site. I went to the grocery and bought breakfast.
730 am – cook breakfast. Eat.
8am – Go over my to do list. Check Harddrive Space. Write out some questions for the doc. Interview I’m shooting at 10am.
9am – get everything ready for the interview.
10am – greet crew. By crew I mean, dude with camera and mic and make-up. Maybe some producers. There will probably be more producers than crew out set. Nothing new.
1030 am – first interview set to arrive.
1pm – wrap up interviews. Spend about an hour prepping my assistant editor to create a full M&E for one of the projects I’m prepping for South America.
130pm – work for a couple of hours on two of the harder projects.
330pm – head out to Beverly Hills for a meeting/drinks.

The rest is a question mark right now, but I will for sure be starting two projects exporting before bed.


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