Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Sunday in the Life

JJ Diaries – 6-2-13

Sunday should be a day off. Not for me.

I'll keep this short today.

6am – watch final cut of an older deliverable. Gotta make sure nothing is funky for the distiributor.
730 am – add ooo and ahh audience reactions to the sit-com/features I’m cutting.
9am – breakfast at Granville. Brough to you by Granville.
10am – finish out both EPK’s. gotta go over producer and assistant’s final notes.
12pm – work on shot adjustments for both projects.
4pm – lunch
5pm – re-read the feature script I’m shooting next month. My goal is to find time to read it once a day, everyday til production starts.

7pm – shower and head out for game of thrones night.


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